The Customer agree with knowledge that if his/her check is not honored by Customer’s bank for any reason, including but not limited to insufficient funds, stop payments or account closed the service fee will be $15.

The Customer waives any privacy claims against “Cash Depot, Inc“. The Customer cannot be prosecuted in a criminal action in conjunction with a deferred deposit transaction or be threatened with prosecution.

Cash Depot, Inc” may not accept any collateral in conjunction with with a deferred deposit transaction.

The Customer agrees that “Cash Depot, Inc” may use any provided information to research customer’s personal and/or banking/financial information in order to obtain payments which are owed to “Cash Depot, Inc” and may contact any person to discuss debts, which Customer owes to “Cash Depot, Inc“.

The Customer gives full authorization to “Cash Depot, Inc” to use ACH and/or any electronic transfer methods to collect on the balance owed to “Cash Depot, Inc“. The customer gives full authorization to “Cash Depot, Inc” to use TeleTrack system. Department of Financial Protection and Innovation toll free number is 1 866 AskCorp. That check is negotiated as part of deferred deposit transaction made pursuant to Section 23035 of the financial code and is not subject to the provision of Section 1719 of the civil code, and no customer may be required to pay treble damages if the check does not clear.

While we are grateful for the dedication of U.S. armed forces members, we are unable to process payday loans applications for U.S. military personnel and their dependents. We encourage you to take advantage of alternative forms of financial assistance that are available to you from your branch of the U.S. armed forces.

Cash Depot is licensed by the department of business oversight pursuant to

Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. Cash Depot, Inc low fees are highly competitive and in compliance with all applicable California state and federal laws. The payday loan agreement would be governed by Department of Financial Protection and Innovation.
We never charges customer a fee to qualify for a payday loan. California Law regulates and limits the maximum payday loan amount from $50 to $255 range, and you qualify for a payday loan amount based on your current income.

The agreement is a contract that complies with California State and federal disclosure requirements. Cash Depot, Inc completely outlines the terms of payday loan, including the service fee both as dollar amount and as an annual percentage rate. Cash Depot, Inc payday loan and cash advance are generally repaid back when you receive your next paycheck. At this time Cash Depot, Inc can only process your payday loans and cash advance if your paycheck is direct deposited; it is the way to offer payday loan and cash advance as quickly as we do. You can also pay back you cash advance anytime before the loan due date. Cash Depot, Inc never charges customers any prepayment penalties or extra fees. You can get cash advance at any time after your previous payday loan was paid. Whenever an immediate or urgent cash need arises, Cash Depot, Inc is here to help.

Loan Amount Advance Fee Total payback amount APR, 14 days
$50.00 $8.82 $58.82 459.90
$100.00 $17.64 $117.64 459.90
$150.00 $26.47 $176.47 460.07
$200.00 $35.29 $235.29 460.03
$255.00 $45.00 $300.00 460.08
Loan Amount Advance Fee Total payback amount APR, 30 days
$100.00 $17.64 $117.64 214.62
$200.00 $35.29 $235.29 214.68

We respect our customer’s privacy needs in managing their personal financial information and use a variety of security measures and newest technology to maintain the safety of your personal information. Qualifying for payday loans and cash advance is easier and faster then any other type of traditional credit. We do not obtain a credit bureaus report (like TRW, Experian, etc.) to qualify you for a payday advance.